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Organizing Kids Closets

What does a Professional Organizer do on her day off?! 
So it's Friday and my kids are out of school.  I walk into my daughters' room (they are 7 and 10 and share a room) and I just about lost my mindClothes and random junk were everywhere!  Is anyone else with me?!  So I really needed to scream. 
Messy and Cluttered  Bathroom VanityI wish that I had a picture of the entire room but their bathroom sink (which divides their room from their closet) will give you a good idea of what their entire room looked like.
Total Chaos!
Instead, I went downstairs and made myself a coffee while I calmed down(I know that sounds crazy but hey!  I'm from the South.  We drink coffee when we wake up until we go to bed) .  Then I got my girls and we started our attack of the room.  The first mission was to try on all clothing articles and purge anything that did not fit. 
Purge Clothing that does not fitTwo clothes baskets full and a pile of shoes and we are ready to get down to business!
We took everything out of the closet, wiped down the shelves, vacuumed and set our organizing containers up. 
Next we hung all of the clothes by season and by style (tank tops, short sleeved tops, long sleeves, etc.). 
Organized Kid Closet
We even created a spot for undies, socks and pj's for both girls with these nifty little baskets from The Container Store.  (I scored mine for $.99 each at a local Thrift Store!)
Organized Kid Closet
My 7 year old has an addiction to stuffed animals which drives me nuts but it makes her happy so in order to keep her room from turning into a zoo, I have to make sure that I have provided an organizing solution for her friends. 
Organize Stuffed Animals
After all of our hard work, my girls have an amazingly organized closet to get dressed in! 
Oh!  And remember their bathroom vanity?
We removed everything!  Top and bottom.  And cleaned it really well.
Organize Bathroom Cabinets
Organize Bathroom Cabinets
Storage Solutions to Organize Bathroom Cabinets
Next we sorted and organized everything and set up our organizing solutions. 
Then we put everything back all nice and neat and ORGANIZED!
What about those little hair thingies that get everywhere and hurt when you step on them?! 
Organize Hair AccessoriesSimple!  Organize them by like items (bows, hair clasps, rubber bands, etc.) so they are easy to find.
Use a  shoe organizer that hangs over the door to keep them all organized.  I like the ones at Walmart because they match my white doors and they cost less than $5!
Shoe Organizers to Organize Kid's Hair Accessories
Shoe Organizers to Organize Kid's Hair Accessories
What a relief!  Now my little angels can sleep in a peaceful, clutter-free room.  (And mom wont yell at them as long as they keep it clean!!)
Organize Kid's Room
Looks like our puppy can sleep better too!

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