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Back to School: Getting Organized
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Back to School Organizing (part 2): The Command Center
Organizing Kitchen Drawers
Organizing a Craft Room/ Guest Room
The Great Kids Clothes Storage Game
Back to School: Getting Organized


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Organizing Kids Closets

What does a Professional Organizer do on her day off?! 
So it's Friday and my kids are out of school.  I walk into my daughters' room (they are 7 and 10 and share a room) and I just aboutlost my mindClothes and random junk were everywhere! Is anyone else with me?!  So I really needed to scream. 
Messy and Cluttered  Bathroom VanityI wish that I had a picture of the entire room but their bathroom sink (which divides their room from their closet) will give you a good idea of what their entire room looked like.

Organizing Kitchen Drawers

Simple Kitchen Drawer Makeover
The Holidays are over, the baking is finished and so are your kitchen drawers! 
This messy drawer lacks organizing solutions!
Where to start, where to start?!  While you're out today, swing through the dollar store (or your favorite place to purchaseorganizing supplies) and grab some drawer organizers.
Before organizing drawers, remove all items, wipe the drawer out and purge all unwanted items.Next, take everything out andclean the drawers.  Sort all of the items as you take them out so it is easier to put them back in.
Organizing solutions make the world of difference!
Arrangethe organizers in the drawers and add your items back in.

Office Re-Design

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Thank you so much for checking out my blog!  I have wanted to create a blog for some time now but I felt really intimidated which is silly!  If you know me personally, there are two thing that I love more than anything.....writing and TALKING!  So lets jump into this together with both feet!
The project of the day (actually for the last two days) is my office! Wow was it horrible!  I just relocated from the burbs of Atlanta to the burbs of Denver with my family in October.